Library 2000 Reference Material

Unpublished materials of the Library 2000 Project

The materials in this list range from publishable (but never published) papers and operational documentation to barely-developed sketches of research ideas. They are listed here to help complete the historical record of the Library 2000 project.

Group collections:

Architecture of the Digital Library.

Achieving integrity of long-persistence data by using replication and continual testing.

Sponsorship and Funding Proposals of the Library 2000 group.

Individual documents:

Jerome H. Saltzer, Lindsay J. Eisan, and Mitchell N. Charity. Computer Science Technical Report Project: README.02. (Content description for CSTR recorded CD's, placed on every CD.) Version of June 5, 1996

Jerry Saltzer, Jack Eisan, and Mike Cook. Scanned document record, version CSTR 1.4. February 2, 1996. Earlier versions are also available.

Mitchell Charity and Jeremy Hylton. The opportunity for a flexible bibliographic format. Library 2000 Internal Memorandum 2, February 17, 1995, updated August 2, 1995.

Eytan Adar. The Use of UR* in a CSTR Library. Library 2000 Internal Memorandum 3, February 21, 1995.

Mitchell Charity and Yoav Yerulshalmi. Signature-based names should allow multiple signatures.. Library 2000 Internal Memorandum 1, February 17, 1995.

Jeremy Hylton. Text-Image Maps: Coordinating Scanned Images with Raw Text. Version of February 2, 1995.

Mitchell Charity. Library2000 and Imaged LCS and AI Reports. January 19, 1995. An (unfinished) overview of technical report scanning activities.

(by Mary Ann Ladd, Karen Hersey, and Jerome H. Saltzer). Publication of M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science Technical Reports , Technical Memos, and Research Seminar Series. April 12, 1994. A notice, combined with a submission form, alerting potential authors to intellectual property issues involved in publishing a technical report.

Jerome H. Saltzer, with pieces by Hector Garcia-Molina and ideas from many others. Five information interchange proposals. Version of October 22, 1993

Jerome H. Saltzer. Bibliography: the electronic library. December, 1991

Thesis proposals (primarily for students looking for examples):

Jeremy Hylton. Deduplication and the Use of Meta-Information in the Digital Library. M.Eng. thesis proposal, February, 1995.

Andrew Kass. An Interchange Standard and System for Browsing Digital Documents. M.Eng. thesis proposal, December 1, 1994.

Tomkit Tukovinit. Storage-Replication Service in Library 2000. Advanced undergraduate project proposal, December, 1993.

To be added...

  • Repair list slide
  • Lists of reports scanned
  • CD recording procedure
  • Disk price history slides and worksheet

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