Bibliography:  the electronic library
Compiled by J. H. Saltzer, December, 1991

[This is an initial draft constructed simply by merging several random
sources.  It is neither selective nor comprehensive.]

1.  On-line materials maintains a directory of materials relating to Z39.50
implementations, for anonymous ftp, in directory 
Subdirectory Z3950/ZIG is an archive of implementation documents.

The mailing list Z3950IW@NERVM.BITNET provides discussions of
Z39.50 implementation and related issues. runs the "Forum on Wide Airea Information Servers and
Electronic Publishing" (known more briefly as the WAIS-discussion
digest), a news group moderated by Brewster Kahle.  It is available
as the Project Athena discuss meeting "WAIS redist".

2.  Standards and related things

National Information Standards Organization.  American National
Standard Z39.50-1988--Information Retrieval Service Definition and
Protocol Specifications for Library Applications.  [New Brunswick,
N.J.:  Transaction Publishers:  1988]

Z39.50 version 2 draft.

ISO Standard 8879:  Information Processing - Text and Office Systems -
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).  [New York: American
National Standards Institute: 1986]

AAP Standard for Electronic Manuscript Preparation and Markup
[Washington D.C.:  Association of American Publishers:  1987] (Also
ANSI standard Z39.59/1988)

3.  Books

Caroline Arms, editor.  Campus Strategies for Libraries and Electronic
Information.  [Maynard, Massachusetts:  Digital Press:  1990] ISBN
1-55558-036-X.  1990-22

Judith G. Fenly and Beacher Wiggins.  The Linked Systems Project:  A
Networking Tool for Libraries.  [Dublin, Ohio:  Online Computer
Library Center:  1988]  ISBN 1-55653-039-0  LC Z674.82.L56L57 
MIT:  LCS reading room

MELVYL Online Catalog Reference Manual.  Division of Library
Automation, Office of the President, University of California,
Berkeley, CA (November, 1988)

Crawford, Walt.  MARC for library use, second edition:  Understanding
integrated USMARC.  [Boston:  G. K. Hall & Co.:  1989] second edition

4.  Papers, with accession number in paper file where available.
Arms, William Y., ``Electronic publishing and the academic library,''
Carnegie Mellon University Academic Services (May 30, 1989).
Presented at The 11th Annual Meeting of The Society for Scholarly
Publishing.  1990-5.

Ballew, Randy, ``Software for the UC Berkeley image database
project,'' Advanced Technology Planning, Department of Information
Systems and Technology, University of Claifornia at Berkeley (September
1, 1988).  1988-9.

Besser, Howard , ``Image processing integrated into a database of
photographic images: applications in art, architecture, & geography,''
Electronic Imaging '88: International Electronic Imaging Exposition &
Conference, (October, 1988), pp 1214-1218.  1988-1.

Besser, Howard, ``Adding analysis tools to image databases:
facilitating research in geography \& arrt history,'' RIAO '88
Program: User Oriented Content-Based Text and Image Handling 2,
(March, 1988), pp 972-990.  1988-4.

Borgman, Christine L., ``Why are online catalogs hard to use?  Lessons
learned from information retrieval studies,'' Journal of the American
Society for Information Science 37, 6 (1986), pp 387-400.  1986-1.

Brandriff, Robert K. and Lynch, Clifford C., ``The evolution of the
user interface in the Melvyl online catalog, 1980-1985,'' Proceedings
of the 48th ASIS Annual Meeting 22, (October, 1985) pp 102-105.

Brindley, Lynne J., ``Libraries and the wired-up campus: the future
role of the library in academic information handling,'' British
Library Research and Development report number 5980 (August, 1988).

Buckland, Michael K. and Lynch, Clifford A., ``National and
international implications of the linked systems protocol for online
bibliographic systems,'' Cataloguing and Classifications Quarterly 8, 3/4
(Spring, 1988), pp 15-33.  1988-7.

Committee on Government Regulations, H. o. R., ``Taking a byte out of
history: the archival preservation of federal computer records,''
House Report 101-978, (November 6, 1990).  1991-3.

Danzig, Peter B., Ahn, Jongsuk, Noll, John and Obraczka, Katia,
``Distributed indexing: a scalable mechanism for distributed
information retrieval,'' University of Southern California technical
report 91-06 (March, 1991).  1991-2.

Evans, Nancy H., Troll, Denise A., Kibbey, Mark H., Michalak, Thomas
J.  and Arms, William Y., ``The vision of the electronic library,''
Carnegie Mellon University Mercury Technical Report Series 1 (1989).

Feigenbaum, E.A., ``The library of the future,'' Lecture given to mark
the opening of Aston University's new Computing Suite, (November 11,
1986).  1986-3.

Honan, William H., ``The museum of the future: it's all in the chips,''
The New York Times CXXXVIII, 47,702 (November 27, 1988) pp 8-9,
column 1.   1991-17.

Jacobson, Steve, ``The UC Berkeley image database project,'' Advanced
Technology Planning, Department of Information Systems and Technology,
University of California at Berkeley (August, 1988).  1988-10.

Jones, Karen Sparck, ``Fashionable trends and feasible strategies in
information management,'' Information Processing & Management 24, 6
(1988), pp 703-711.  1988-6.

Kibbey, Mark and Evans, Nancy H., `` The network is the library,''
Educom Review 24, 3 (Fall 1989) pp 15-20.  1990-7.

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York Times CXXXIX, 48,234 (May 13, 1990) p 8, column 1.  1990-3.

Lynch, Clifford A.  From telecommunications to networking:  the MELVYL
online union catalog and the development of intercampus networks at
the University of California.  Division of LIbrary Automation, Office
of the President, University of California, Oakland, California
(Undated, apparently a preprint of a published paper)

Lynch, Clifford A., ``Developments in database management system
technology and their impact on information retrieval,'' Proceedings of
the 51st Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information
Science 25, (October, 1988) pp 190-194.  1990-18.

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issues and applications.  In Electronic Imaging 88.  [Boston:
Institute for Graphic Commuication:  1989] p. 1-8.

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information retrieval applications,'' PhD thesis, University of
California at Berkeley (November, 1987).  1990-9.

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Proceedings 9th national online meeting, New York City, May 10-12 1988
[Medford, N.J.:  Learned Information Systems, Inc.:  1988] p 227-232.

Lynch, Clifford A., ``Information retrieval as a network
application,'' Library Hi Tech 32, 4 (1990) pp 57-72.  1991-16

Lynch, Clifford A.  Intersystem linking and distributed database
technology:  a comparison of two approaches to the construction of
network based information utilities.  Preprint of a paper submitted to
the Conference of Integrated Library Systems, 1989.  p. 107-111.

Lynch, Clifford A., ``The Z39.50 information retrieval protocol: an
overview and status report,'' Computer Communication Review 21, 1
(January, 1991) pp 58-70.  1991-15

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packet facsimile,'' ASIS '85: Proceedings of the 48th ASIS Annual
Meeting 22, (October, 1985), pp 11-14.  1985-1.

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preservation and digitization,'' Energies for Transition:
Proceedings of the 4th National Conference of the Association of College
and Research Libraries, (April, 1986), pp 225-228.  1986-2.

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indexing with application to textual databases,'' Proceedings of the
14th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (August, 1988)
pp 306-317.  1990-26.

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Library Journal 113, 12 (July, 1988) pp 31-34.  1990-8.

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at the beginning of the 21st century,'' (December, 1988) 1988-5.

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Newsletter 18, 3 (Fall, 1988), pp 12-18.  1988-3.

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Interlibrary Resource-Sharing Networks.  In Journal of the American
Society for Information Science Vol 35, Number 1 (January 1984) pp

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253, 5023 (August 30, 1991) pp 974-980.  1991-7.

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information retrieval,'' Science 253, 5023 (August 30, 1991) pp
1012-1015.  1991-6.

Schatz, Bruce R.  A Prototype Information Environment.  Second
Workshop on Workstation Operating Systems.  October, 1989 IEEE

Schatz, Bruce R. and Caplinger, Michael A., ``Searching in a
hyperlibrary,'' Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on
Data Engineering, (February, 1989), pp 188-197.  1989-3.

Schoffstall, Martin L. and Yeong, Wengyik, ``A critique of Z39.50
based on Implementation experience,'' Computer Communication Review
20, 1 (April, 1990) pp 22-29.  1990-28.

Schwartz, Candy and Hines, Rich, ``Library services and the online
campus gateway: final report,'' Unpublished report to the Council on
Library Resources: Cooperative Research Grants Program for Librarians
and Faculty Members (1989).  1990-12.

Tilburg University, The New Library and the Development of Innovative
Information Services at Tilburg University, Tilburg University Press,
The Netherlands: 1989 ISBN {90-361-9662-0.  1989-1.

Troll, Denise A., ``Library information system II: progress report and
technical plan,'' Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Mercury
Technical Report Series 3 (1990).  1990-1.

Wilson, Eve.  "Electronic books:  the automated production of
hypertext documents from existing printed sources" In Information in
Text (Fourth Annual Conference of the UW Centre for the New Oxford
English Dictionary) October 26-28, 1988, University of Waterloo,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  (Reports success in automatic separation
of machine-readable legal text into sections and identifying internal
and external references.)

5.  Journals that cover this subject

Electric Word
   (concentrates on far-out thinking in the area where word processing
    overlaps with information retrieval)

Information Systems
   (Mostly database-oriented papers)

IEEE Spectrum
   (A good series of technology overviews appears here, with updates
    on any particular area--magnetic storage, display, communications,
    etc.-- about once every other year.)

Journal of Information Science
Amsterdam, New York, Published for the Institute of Information
   Scientists by the North-Holland Pub. Co.
MIT:  ?

Journal of the American Society for Information Science 
Washington, ASIS
MIT:  ?

Information Processing and Management
Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press.
MIT/Barker:  PER01 No call # V.11,No.1/2,June 1975-

Information Technology & Libraries
Chicago, IL : Library and Information Technology Association, c1982-
MIT/Hayden: PER7   No call # Current issues kept until MICR ed. arrives.
MIT/Hayden: H*MFRM MFCH0  Z.I435 Mfch V.1,No.1,Mar 1982-

Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST)
New York : Interscience Publishers, 1966-
MIT/Hayden: H*BKS  BKS28  Z699.A615 V.1,1966-V.4,1969; V.6,1971; V.8,1973-

Journal of Documentation
London : Aslib
HAYDEN/H*PER  PER7   Z.J86 V.1,1945-

Small Computers in Libraries
Tucson, Ariz. : Graduate Library School, University of Arizona, [1981-
MIT:  ?

The Information Society
New York : Crane Russak, c1981-
MIT:  ?

International Online Information Meeting/Online Review
Oxford [Oxfordshire] ; New York : Learned Information (Europe) Ltd.
MIT/Hayden:  CLSS   BKS0   No call # V.2,No.1,Mar 1978-

Electronic Library
Oxford [Oxfordshire] ; Medford, NJ : Learned Information
MIT/Hayden: H*PER  PER7   Z.E38 v.4, no.1, Feb. 1986-

Library High-Tech News
Ann Arbor, MI : Pierian Press, c1984-
MIT:  ?

Program (Aslib)
[London : Aslib, 1966-
MIT:  ?

Information Retrieval and Library Automation letter
Mt. Airy, Md. [etc] Lomond Systems [etc]
MIT:  ?

Not locally identified:

ASLIB Critique
British Library Newsletter
Library Software Review

6.  Proceedings and other reports of regular meetings

Proceedings of the nth ASIS Annual Meeting

Aslib Proceedings 
London : Aslib
MIT/Hayden:  Z.A107 V.1,1949-

7.  Misc.

The MIT Communications Forum.  The Electronic Library: Vision and
Implementation.  26.oct.89 Seminar Notes [on file in the AI/LCS
Reading Room.]

Evans, David A.  The CLARIT Project Approach to Indexing.  28 Sept
1990 (A set of slides and supporting material for a talk)

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1985-1, 1984-1.}

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