Publication of M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science Technical Reports,
Technical Memos, and Research Seminar Series
April 12, 1994

Note to Author(s):  By requesting publication of a document as an LCS
Technical Report (TR), Technical Memorandum (TM), or Research Seminar
Series (RSS), you are granting permission to the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and the M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science to distribute
the document.  It is the Laboratory's practice to make Technical Reports
and Technical Memoranda widely available and easily discovered, using a
variety of distribution mechanisms, including deposit in the M. I. T. and
other libraries and the National Technical Information Service, selling
bound copies at cost, making image and text copies available on-line via
the Internet, indexing of abstracts and full text, using awareness
services, and encouraging further distribution via M. I. T. Document
Services, a part of the M. I. T. Library System.  TR's are advertised more
widely than TM's.  Distribution of RSS documents is handled by the authors.

As an author, you should be aware that publication in these series has
three consequences:

1.  If you also intend to publish substantially the same material as a
journal paper, some publishers may be unwilling to accept it, because of
concern that prior distribution as a TR or TM has diluted its
marketability, interest, the journal's reputation for exclusivity, or the
journal's ability to claim copyright.  The extent of these concerns will
depend on how closely the journal submission resembles the TR or TM.  Most
journals ask you to transfer your copyright to them.  The effect of that
transfer on previously granted permissions is murky, but at minimum you
should alert the journal of the form in which you have previously published
the material.

3.  If your document contains material copyrighted by others, you are
responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holders before
publication by LCS.  This concern applies to all three series, but it is of
special concern for some RSS documents that consist mostly of reprints of
previously published material, or of unpublished materials by other
authors, since those authors hold copyright.

4.  If there are any patentable ideas described in the document,
publication as a TR or TM (and perhaps, depending on the distribution, as
an RSS) begins a clock ticking (if that clock has not already begun) with
hard deadlines for filing for a patent in the United States, and it may
completely preclude obtaining a patent in some other countries.  Note that
some research contracts have a requirement that the sponsor review material
for patentable ideas before publication.


I(We) hereby request that the M. I. T. Laboratory for Computer Science
publish the document described below as a (circle one)
The document has been proofread by one or more authors.

First Author:   __________________________ 
Second Author:  __________________________ 
third author:   __________________________ 
supervisor:     __________________________ 
Group Leader:   __________________________

TM/TR/RSS Number Assigned: _______ Number of Pages (including 



Group:  ______________________________  Thesis: S.B.    S.M.    Ph.D.   

Report Date: _____/_____/_____

Campus Address(es) & Telephone Numbers  Mailing Address(es) & Telephone Number

E-Mail Address: ___________________

ARPA : _____Yes _____No  If  Yes fill in Contract No.:______________________

Five (5) complimentary copies of the publication will be given to the
author and the supervisor.  Should there be more than one author, each
author will receive two (2) complimentary copies.  Additional copies
will be charged (at wholesale cost) to your group's account.

                   Number of additional copies requested:_____________

                ************PLEASE NOTE************

Keywords and government contract number(s) must be included in the report.

A short (200 words maximum) abstract must be provided for the LCS
Publications bibliography.  This can be, but does not have to be,
separate from the abstract in the report. You may email the abstract to

For further information contact Mary Ann (M. A.) Ladd, Publication's
Coordinator at extension 3-2006 or

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