Demonstration of CSTR DNS Services

These are some demonstrations which show the DNS services in action.

Demo 1 - simple ID resolve

Demo of DNS resolve service
This demo lets you enter a CSTR ID and use the DNS service to look up the URL and formats for the TR. Please enter a CSTR ID here:

Note: CSTR IDs are in RFC1357 form. For a list of bibliographic records where you can choose some typical IDs to check, click here. An ID can be found in the ID:: field.

Demo 2 - Comparison of search results using DNS vs. server lookup

Display of catalog search, using DNS service
This demo simulates the result from a catalog search. Each item in the result list is checked to see if it is online, and if images are available. If so, a "[Services Page]" button is added.
Display of catalog search, using direct server queries
This demo performes the same catalog display as above, except instead of using DNS to determine information about items, it makes a direct server query to the server which stores the TR. Even with a very small number of returns the time difference is huge. In addition, if a server is down, even more delays are introduced.

Author: Andrew Kass
Last Updated: Tue, Feb 28, 1995