I would like to thank:

Professor Jerry Saltzer, my thesis advisor, who gave me guidance and support throughout the entire thesis process, without which I would never have succeeded.

Mitchell Charity, whose all-around expertise helped me through many problems, and whose opinions helped shape this work. He is probably the greatest single reason I am still sane while trying to get around Perl, AIX, the CSTR project and LCS in general.

Jack Eisan and Mike Cook, who were stalwart friends in Document Services and helped shape many of my ideas with their comments. I also wish to thank them for the afternoons at the Muddy Charles, which did as much as anything to keep me going throughout the year.

Jeremy Hylton, my officemate, and Eytan Adar, who helped me get my other research work done and supported me during the year. Jeremy especially was helpful in making sure I procrastinated enough.

The entire fifth floor of the Lab for Computer Science for having to repeatedly listen to excruciatingly detailed progress reports on my thesis.

Scott, Liz, my brother Jim, and especially Kate, who were all good friends to me and helped me through the tough times.

and most of all, Mom and Dad, who made it possible for me to be here in the first place, and have always stood by me. This work is for you.

This work was supported in part by the IBM Corporation, in part by the Digital Equipment Corporation, and in part by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives, using funds from the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense under grant MDA972-92-J1092

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